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Nigatsu Cosplay Café 2018 Happenings & Random Shenanigans

I am running late on my updates. It's been hectic recently that I realized I haven't updated this page for a quite a while. I have three consecutive cosplay projects lined up two of which are already in the works and over halfway done so hopefully this page will be running on tutorials and worklogs again soon.

Last February I had the honor of being a part again of my org's annual IGP project: Nigatsu Cosplay Café. This year has been ground-breaking for us because we've managed to secure a bigger venue out of the university and into the city. It's still the same café that we've been in partnership with for years but just on another branch. We also had a scheduled program each session, customer interaction, fun games and activities. It's the best one we had so far for the past seven years. I am so proud of my kohais.

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Session break time

The event is divided into four sessions, one and a half hours each and lasted for a whole day. Every session had at least an hour to an hour and a half of break to rest, clean up and retouch for the next session.

Every session had games where any customer can participate and win prizes. We had this one game where you guess which anime a song is from. It's fun watching contestants guess and the audience trying to coach/help.

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The first session was calm and slow because it's morning but the rest has been jam-packed that we keep running out of tables and seats. But it's a good rush and we're happy that many people came and supported our event.

I got roped into joining a dare game #sos

The program includes various talks about random otaku stuff, some anime dance-along (we get to make our customers dance to some anime songs lol) and plenty of intermission numbers from the staff to keep the customers entertained while they wait for their food.

yyeah we made them dance lol

Never a dull moment with this org

It's also nice because most people who attended are part of this community of sub-culture nerds so everyone sort of knows everyone and the interactions are really good.

We've literally taken over the café and the only thing the actual café staff has to do is prepare the food. I truly appreciate the level of trust the owner has bestowed upon us.

This year, our theme is "Bunkasai" so we also encouraged our customers to go in school-uniform dress-up/cosplay to get the full experience.

We've also set up a merch/exhibit outside where local artists can sell their stuff. We have Azrael SantiChloe Havengaarde, and Preshy.

We also had prints! For anyone interested and first two free for top-tiered customers (a.k.a. VIP). Photos shot by JM See.

One thing that I look forward the most every year in this event is the opportunity to be reunited again with my fellow org. alumni some of whom I haven't seen in years due to various understandable reasons.

It's nice to just to revert back a little bit, relax and talk about good old collage days., mangatraders, KHR, Kuroshitsuji, aarinfantasy, watching animes from pirated dvds... gosh I'm getting sentimental.

I love this organization so much. It's grown a lot since I graduated. Me and my friends are the one who started this Cosplay Café gig back in 2011 and it means so much to me to see it flourish and grow every year. I will continue to support this event for as long as I can.

I'm also happy and thankful for all the people who contributed and supported this event. Till next year!

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Special thanks to Café Diem SM Iloilo

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