Monday, March 13, 2017

Nigatsu Cosplay Café 2017 Files; Mini Blog

I'm thirsty af.

Recently, I've been busy with my Hoshizora Rin Little Devil cosplay project that I was planning on wearing at a Cosplay Cafe event hosted by a university organization which I'm also a part of. Although I'm already an alumni, I still love being involved with the org and helping my kohais.

There were just too much details
I overestimated myself fml

Unfortunately, I ended up not finishing everything on time. But I did manage to finish enough parts so I might as well go and give the costume a test run...which was a good thing because I can avoid possible costume disasters in the future.

The only parts I haven't completely finished yet were the pitchfork(?), shoes and wings (which was supposed to be done but fell apart just as I started wearing it lol). But aside from that and my tail falling off because I only used hot glue to attach it on (careless. I know), I'm quite happy with how my costume turned out so far. I'm actually surprised with how comfortable I am with it.

I even managed to play a few dance games. XD

Agent 707 in da haus! ❤

With My good friend Chloe whom I owe most of these photos

And some Love Live grills shenanigans.

Also *cough*traps *cough*

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Also, this extremely awesome shot by JM See

Worklog/tutorials for this costume will be out soon.

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