Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Last and First Photoshoot of the Year: Yukako Yamagishi - JJBA Diamond is Unbreakable

Due to a flurry of happenings, I'm starting my 2018 a little bit late but I still have big plans for my cosplays this year. For the meantime, I'm starting off this year with something comfy and simple. Yukako Yamagishi from Jojo' Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable.

The first moment I laid my eyes on Yukako, I knew I had to cosplay her. I love her character build up especially even more after she stopped being an antagonist and became a powerful ally to her beloved Koichi. Plus I wanted to try making a seifuku for a while now so I went for it.

I had two different photoshoots with this cosplay. One last December 2017 and another one just this February 2018 for an event promotion. I'm going to merge both shoots in this post since there wasn't a lot of behind-the-scenes pics. But I did have tons of awesome finished photos from various amazing photographers.

What I love about this cosplay is that there's no need for a wig as Yukako and I have similar hair structure. Although I did insert a few hair extensions for extra fullness.

putting dem contacts

For the first shoot, there were only three of us. Photographer Dan(Behindnothing) assisted by Chloe and then me.

Since it was on a holiday break and we're all going home, we decided the photoshoot location to be somewhere near our hometown. Everything was a little impromptu, rainy and rushed (Chloe lives in another town so she had to leave earlier to catch a bus home) but we had a fun day.

My contacts are darker than I expected but ah well
 it's a nice shade when hit by good lighting

As for the actual shooting location, we decided to go at a local university since my Dan's parents work there and it was easy to ask for permission. It was also school break so the place was practically deserted save for some faculty members and caretakers.

We managed to secure a classroom which was really awesome.

With the awesome photographer who managed to secure this location for us


Yukako Yamagishi | JJBA Diamond is Unbreakable : Bunny Iinchou
Photograpy: Behindnothing
Assistant & bts shots: Chloe

Photo by Chloe

- - - - - - - - - -

Once a year the university organization that I was a part of (although I'm already an alumni, I still try to be an active member) will host a cosplay cafe event as an IGP(income generating project) and this shoot that I also got to be a part of, will be used as an event promotion. For this year, the theme was "Japanese Highschool Festival" so we all get to be in various anime school uniforms.


There were more people involved in this shoot. We had four cosplayers present and three photographers. The location where we did the photoshoot was also the same place where I did my Setsuka Heel cosplay shoot back in December 2016.

getting ready...

Happy with how I did my eye make-up on this one

Since we shot in a cafe, we had to start early to avoid being in the way of customers but some people would still drop by because we did shoot on open hours after all. Fortunately we managed to wrap everything up long before the afternoon rush.

(Also permissions were given to shoot in case anyone's wondering.)

I aplogize for my poor phone cam quality

lol Ram whut XD XD

Ram | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu : Yuna Lesca
You Watanabe | Love Live! Sunshine!! : Keito
Yoshiko Tsushima | Love Live! Sunshine!! : Erii-chii
Yukako Yamagishi | JJBA Diamond is Unbreakable : Bunny Iinchou


Cosplay Cafe blog will be up soon.

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