Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Domed, No-Sew Cosplay Eyepatch Tutorial

So many tutorials on various eyepatches out there but here's how I made mine for my K.K.(Kekkai Sensen) cosplay.

  • rubber Sheet
  • flat iron (or heat gun. I don't have this though so I don't know which works better)
  • stretchy fabric
  • elastic string
  • any dome-shaped object
  • hot glue

STEP 1: Draw the pattern on paper first or directly unto the rubber sheet. I traced the lens of my shades for precision. If it was either too big or too small, just use the original pattern as basis to scale the size.

STEP 2: After drawing the pattern on the rubber sheet, DO NOT CUT IT OUT yet. You'll need the extra space later for molding.

STEP 3: Heat up the rubber sheet with flat iron/heat gun until it's hot enough to be molded into shape. If you're using a flat iron, just press the sheet for 3-5 sec then lift. I tried using it the way how I iron my clothes but the friction in the rubber sheet wouldn't allow me to glide smoothly so just repeat pressing until it's soft but not too soft that it's almost melting.

Note: some flat irons can be a bit quirky so make sure you're familiar with the way they heat up and test on some scrap rubber sheets first.

STEP 4: While it's still hot, center the pattern on top of the domed object then pull on all sides as much as you can until it forms the shape.

I used my magnetic pin holder as the mold

STEP 5: Now you can cut out the pattern.

STEP 6: Poke holes on the edge where you want to place the elastic string. Thread the string from the front to the back then tie the back end in a knot to keep it in place.

This is going to be a little tough. I used a pen nib to slide the elastic string in easily. Try to look around and be resourceful. :)

This is how it should roughly look like on the outside

STEP 7: Try it on first to see if the fit is right

forgive my face. I needed a base model haahahahashsd

STEP 8: If you're completely satisfied with its fit and look, then cover the entire front with the stretchy fabric and seal with hot glue at the back. Non stretch fabric might work too but it doesn't hug around the edges as cleanly as a stretched fabric does.

I used spandex by the way and it stretches perfect for this

To make the fabric hug the edge cleanly, stretch it first until it entirely clings to the curve before gluing it in. Try not to make the back as bulgy as possible so that you'll have extra space inside the patch for the covered eye to blink freely.

For areas that passes through the string, just cut a slit along the fabric and flatten the excess by wrapping a string around it (I'm sorry I couldn't find words on how to explain this properly bleaargh. I hope the picture helps).

STEP 9: (Optional) Cut out a slightly smaller size of the original pattern on the fabric and cover the back part for a cleaner finish.

That's it. You're done. :)

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