Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Final Shoot of the Year: Setsuka Heel - Skip Beat!

Finally scheduled a little photoshoot with friends last week (12-21-16) before we settle down for the holidays. There were only three of us cosplayers and a photographer and even though it was slightly impromptu, we still managed to secure a good location and everything went by smoothly.

We decided to have a shoot at a nearby mall cafe we frequently go to (permissions granted of course) because it's pretty convenient and has a nice ambiance to it.

Of course we had to shoot early in the morning to avoid customer rush. Thank goodness they usually don't show up until after noon.

We did run in a little bit of trouble though. While we were waiting for the cafe workers to finish cleaning up and getting ready for the day, we decided to have a quick shoot outside when one of the mall's security(?) approached and told us that taking photos of establishments is strictly prohibited. We did argue that we had permission from the owners though but unless we have permits, we can only do the shoot inside.

Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of people around, it was really embarrassing. We already had our costumes and all lol.

pre-shoot selfie XD

It wasn't a group shoot by the way. We were all from different titles:

  • Setsuka Heel | Skip Beat - Me
  • Chef!Haruka Nanase | Free! - C.C.
  • Alice; Late but Lucky (ver.) | Alice Madness Returns - Rhona

Photographer: Dan (BehindNothing)

Wore my Setsu cosplay again after more than two years and it's going to be the last time before I get rid of it completely. It's hard since I love this character so much but parts of her accessories have been getting harder to maintain. I wasn't very wise back then when I was choosing materials for her cosplay and they have been deteriorating with time. Might do another version of her in the future but will probably have to start from scratch.

The wig was a big mess because it keeps getting caught up in the studs of my gloves. De-tangling's going to be a big pain in the butt.

the cafe all to ourselves <3

Haru looks so at home XD

*suddenly remembers YOI final episode airs tomorrow*

check out how i made this bootcover here.

it's a wrap!~ <3

post-shoot selfie :D

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Photos will be out soon :3

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