Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Iinchou at Ai Expo 2017 Day 2

Second day of Ai Expo and I finally have the opportunity to debut my devil!Rin cosplay that I've been working on for a really long time.

It's quite an eventful day. My friends and I started out early so I ended up wearing my costume for more than seven hours. It was the longest time I've ever worn a cosplay to date and I'm surprised that nothing fell apart or got broken despite the many pieces of my costume and the con crowd I had to squeeze through. I even brought super glue, fabric glue, some threads and a needle because the costume really looks delicate but I'm happy I didn't have the need to use them.

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We decided to drop by a nearby mall to get dressed because it's less crowded and cooler compared to doing it on the con venue where we had to squeeze through other cosplayers getting ready as well. We didn't want to be rude and get in the way of other mall goers though so we had to be as early as the mall's opening time so there wouldn't be as much people. We also used the corner-most cr on the top floor where it's usually never crowded even on peak times.

We then just had a quick taxi ride from the mall to the con venue.

We still have to do some final touch ups when we arrived at the con though because you can never be 100% ready lol.

relaxing while watching the program

A really cool Rem & Ram cosplays by actual twins made my day ❤

I have been pretty excited for the photobooth session since I saw the sets during day one because it suited really well for my day 2 cosplay.

Awesome behind-the-scene shots captured by my good friend Chloe.

We seem to always have good timing because there wasn't anyone lining up when we checked in so once again me and my friends had a fun time derping around while we waited for our photos to be printed.

lol weeabs

It did get jam-packed later in the afternoon. Good thing we came in right after the photographer's lunch break. Most cosplayers are usually just arriving around that time so we had plenty of time lounging around the sets, getting comfortable.

The prints turned out great!~

The afternoon schedule was pretty mellowed out and we got a little bored so we decided to have some fun shoots in halls.

There were occasional people passing by though so we couldn't properly shoot but we sill managed to get some decent full-body shot, courtesy of Chloe.

The highlight of the event which was the cosplay contest didn't start until really late in the afternoon so we just spent some free time checking out more merch and lounging around with friends and old schoolmates.

I know it's suicidal on my part who has social anxiety to even think about it... but I decided to take a leap of faith and give myself a shock therapy by joining the cosplay competition. I prepared everything on my own... researched choreography, music setup, and practice. I was fully prepared to be honest but no amount of preparation can beat my nerves that always ruin everything. It was a complete disaster and I'm still cringing hard as I write this.

I really want to talk more about it and I might write a separate post regarding my complete thoughts once I gathered myself enough without cringing like a prune. Just to let everything out. But all in all, it was still quite an experience and I'm open to trying it again.

So happy to have spotted this adorable child in Captain America cosplay with his dad (prolly the actual nerd one XD)  sometime after my disaster cosplay contest participation to heal my broken soul.

Also some nostalgia cosplay ❤.

I just hanged all the merch I bought on my bag lol. I did transfer them to a safer place when I got back home though. Hell no am I gonna let them be exposed to harsh elements and be ruined.

All my gratitude:
Precious and Chloe for helping me carry my stuff throughout both days of the con.
Chloe for the awesome photobooth and hall photos.
And fb friends at the con for the tags and selfies.
Thankyou! ❤

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