Sunday, October 15, 2017

Iinchou at Ai Expo 2017 Day 1

AI Expo or Anijou Iloilo Expo is an annual 2-day local hobby convention here in Iloilo City that focuses on arts, gaming and cosplay. The event took place last September 16-17 and I'm a little late with my posts because of organizing the devil!Rin worklog and getting too caught up in #inktober.

I'm going to make this a 2-part post, just so I can easily organize and separate my thoughts for each day.

For day 1, I went as Yang Xiao Long from the series RWBY. I haven't worn her in a long time and I wanted to get into her element again because I'm going to be cosplaying a new version of her outfit soon.

I finally get to hang out with my friends whom I haven't seen for a long while now because we're functioning adults who work (and live) really far apart from each other.

Also met up with some schoolmates and fellow org members when we were back in univ.

Day one was pretty chill. We spent the entire day checking out artists alley and buying stuff, enjoying the program and taking photos.

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This is the 3rd time I've worn this cosplay and I'm happy with the little improvements I've made along the way. Makeup-wise and costume-wise.

I finally managed to successfully curl and poof up the wig although I might have overdid it a little bit on the front part but it's a big progress and I'm planning to do some more improvements on it once I get started on her volume 5 outfit.

June 2016

September 2017

Although they were just minor changes, I love how my overall costume turned up. The photos were really good too.

My favorite part of the day was the photo booth session. For both days I purchased a ticket that includes a round in the photobooth where you'll be shot by a professional photographer and you can select a photo print (or more, you just have to pay an extra fee) out of it.

We were lucky there wasn't any waiting line at all when we got to the shoot so we had a lot of elbow room and they allowed my friend Chloe to also get some shots on her cam as well,

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I got really awkward at first because it's hard for me to get comfortable when strangers take my photos but the photographer was a fun person, very professional and really easy to work with.

Got two really nice prints from the shoot. This is actually my very first print ever since getting into cosplay. I never really thought of printing out my cosplays lol.

I wish I could've gotten hold on some soft copies of the photos though but it didn't really occur to me that time to actually think about it but good thing my friend Chloe took some wonderful shots as well.

I wish I could've gotten more photos from the event but my hands are constantly full carrying bags and stuff. Most of the photos uploaded are courtesy of my good friends Chloe & Precious.

Yang Xiao Long cosplay worklog/tutorial >>>

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