Monday, February 27, 2017

Hoshizora Rin Little Devil Headpiece DIY Tutorial

This is the first part of my Hoshizora Rin Little Devil ver. cosplay project. For the complete worklog, check out this post.

  • Rubber sheet / craft foam (about 2mm)
  • Black & silver paint
  • Headband (but I suggest you use wires then shape it to the size of your head instead)
  • Paper (too draw patterns)
  • Pearl beads
  • Other various beads
  • Phone stickers (for the crown jewels but you can also resin cast)\
  • Fake roses (you can either make or buy these)
  • Sandpaper
  • Cutter
  • Hot glue

First, get the shape of your head as a base to draw the pattern

I used the curve top of an old headphones because it's a close shape to the curve of the top of my head.

For the crown part, i sketched the whole pattern to see how the whole pattern will look like but in order to make it look symmetrical, I first folded the paper in half and then every section (the spike parts...except the center) in half before cutting.

I hope I made sense ahahahaa... //kicked

Then I traced the pattern twice into the rubber sheet and glued them together. I used two pieces of 2mm rubber sheet together because it will still be thin enough but denser for a stronger mainframe.

After gluing the pieces together, i curved down the edges with sandpaper to reduce sharpness, primed and then painted the entire thing silver.

For the crown jewels part, I found these cellphone stickers at a local accessories shop. You can probably make more accurate ones from resin but I wanted to save myself from all the trouble because I'm lazy.

Use the holes from the pearl beads to keep it in place at the top of the point. Glue it in place with something strong.

Set it aside for now.

For the horns I stacked about eight pieces each of 2mm rubber sheets glued together and then carved into shape. You can probably use better materials than this but this is what I have on hand so I had to make do. Plus it's easier to carve this way with a cutter (I don't have a dremel) because it's dense and easier to control.

Smoothen the rough edges with sand paper as you go along

right: before carve
left: after carve + sandpaper

Once you re satisfied with the shape, prime then paint black.

Assemble everything on the main base. I used two pieces of headband but it's better if you just used wires shaped to the size of your head. The crown is not flexible so I had to keep the headband in my head shape all the time so that the materials won't pop off (sadly, I overlooked this minor miscalculation). So I had to use a book as its holder when it's not on my head (see first image).

I used hot glue to put the entire thing together. Put the beads through a string first before joining it with the rest.

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