Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cosplay Guidepost to Getting Started

The prospect of making your own costume can be overwhelming at first. I know it's not for everybody and it's completely okay if it's not your thing. However, if you decide to give it a try but have no idea where or how to begin, I have written down a highly recommended list that will help you through your journey.

First off let's start with blogs and websites. If you spend as much time as I do scrolling through your tumblr dashboard then I suggest you go ahead and follow these blogs.

They are crawling with tutorials from basic sewing techniques to advanced prop-making, helpful motivational posts and awesome cosplay galleries that will pump you up to get your projects started.

Next we have the youtube community which makes learning a lot easier to follow.

  • Mangosirene
    Aside from being an excellent cosplayer, Mangosirene also uploads helpful cosplay tips, tutorials and cosplay vlogs in her youtube channel. From fabric choices, make-up techniques to prop-making, her cosplay 101 videos will definitely help you get started. And while you're at it you can also check out the rest of her videos because they're simply inspiring and motivational. Especially if you want to get far in the field.

  • Angela Clayton
    Angela Clayton is a costume-maker/designer on Youtube. She uploads worklogs of her projects as well as occasional tutorials on how she makes them. While her channel is not specifically catered to cosplay, they're still costume-making and the techniques are a must-learn.

  • Annika Victoria
    If you're on the resourceful side, then this might be for you. Her channel is filled with DIY fashion tutorials that will definitely help you save a lot in the financial department. If you know how to look in the right places, you can save yourself the trouble of starting from square one.

  • Black Diamond DIY Fashion
    Okay so you've got all the techniques covered and bookmarked but still have no idea how to get started? Then this channel is absolutely perfect for you. It covers the basics of sewing and more. From getting your own measurements and drafting general patterns to putting them together in fabric, this is your first step to a journey of a thousand miles.

These list are simply narrowed down according to my personal choices. I know there are plenty more out there but these are my main go-to's whenever I start a new project.

Of course there's always google with their fast results but you'll never know what you'll need unless it appears right in front of you. Maybe not now but you will someday.

And I am forever thankful to these people who gives a lot of time and effort to share their knowledge to the world.

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