Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 (Late) Life Updates

It's been pretty mellow lately. With the end of the year approaching, I just want to take everything easy. I have two more cosplays I wanted to finish but with the pace I'm going at now, i think i'll only be able to finish one of them but hopefully I'll be able to write a worklog of it before this month ends.

Although it's been pretty laid back recently, I'm happy with a lot of changes that occurred for the past year that made me even more motivated to pursue this hobby. I'm excited to make more costumes but for now, some personal updates...

First of all, I finally upgraded my sewing machine!

It isn't much and it still couldn't sew through really thick fabrics but it's sturdier, has better control and less noisy. Although the old one did provide me a really great training because i had to work extra hard just to make the stitches go in the right direction *lol.

I've been so used adjusting to the old one's quirks that it feels really weird to see everything run smoothly when i tried it out for the first time. I've been using it for more than two months now and have gotten used to it.

Will really invest in an even better sewing machine some time in the future... imagine the possibilities.

Also, new workspace!

Well, not really entirely my own...i have a roommate but since my roommate's sister decided to move in, we also moved to a bigger room. It's not as spacious but it still better than the previous room we had.

Old room. worktable on the front, materials at the back

It has more floor space now and better lighting because of its location XD

And finally, my Asami Sato Cosplay is almost done. >3< 

Just need some few adjustments. Hoping to completely finish everything before the weekend. Looking forward to October where I'll be cosplaying with my friend as Korra ❤

It won't be much but I'll be writing a worklog of it soon. :D

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