Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chiyuki - Death Parade - Cosplay Worklog

Chiyuki was one of the easiest and most comfortable cosplay I ever did. It looks no big deal but it was the very first full costume that I made from scratch all on my own. It has been a huge cosplay leap for me since then and despite the many embarrassing mistakes and crooked stitches I made along the way, it was one of the proudest moment of my cosplay life.

Planning and pattern sketching. Before I discovered cosplanner, I had a notebook where I list all the necessary stuff to cosplay that character. I did draw some rough pattern sketch but I ended up scrapping the entire thing by the last minute.

The Top

I wanted to settle for darts but I forgot to include additional measurements in the final pattern and I was too lazy to redo the entire thing so this is what I ended up which isn't really bad so I went with it.

Back and front

I'm happy on how they turned up but I screwed up the collar big time. I had a hard time understanding tutorials online and it was too late when I realized how big a mistake it was. I was on a time crunch and too busy to fix it so I let it be. The wig easily covered up the flaws anyway. Hahaa

 I did finally managed to get the collars right with my K.K. Cosplay.

I had a hard time with the sleeves also and had to redo them three times but this tutorial really helped a lot.

on point. yaaaaas

It was also my first time making button holes and I had to do them manually so I practiced on scrap fabric first no matter how time consuming it is. I don't want to end up screwing my hours of hard work.

After being satisfied with the results, time to put them to the test.

Thankfully, I managed without any problems and the top was finally done. The inner was a tank top I found at a local RTW shop. It was cheap so I bought it and saved me the trouble of making one from scratch.

The skirt

Unlike the top, the skirt was really easy to make. Just cut a rectangular piece of fabric,  a pair of darts at the back to accentuate the curves and a zipper.

Props & accessories

I feel like the Chavvot book has been a great part of Chiyuki's individuality so I included it in the set. Too bad I forgot to bring it on the actual photoshoot. :(

I bought a second-hand hardbound book as a base. I have no idea how big it should be so I just guesstimated. I covered the entire thing with green cartolina and printed the chavvot illustration I photoshopped from screen grabs of the anime.

For the necklace, I rummaged the entire downtown looking for a pair of cheap earrings since I have a hunch that some of them might be selling one that resembles the necklace's pendant.

It was close enough. I can work with it

I used rubber sheets to create the rest of the frame and painted it with gold nail polish because I was too cheap to buy a can of gold paint and I happen to have two nail polish of that color.

still turned out great

I already had the shoes so I only had to make those ankle bands (...? I'm sorry I don't know what they're called). I sewed two strips and attached velcro for locks.

The Wig

The wig initially had really long bangs so I had to ask my friend to cut it for me since I'm not well-versed in that area yet.

For the white highlights, I used hair extensions I bought in an accessories shop while I was strolling along downtown. It was more plastic than synthetic therefore a little stiff and pokes out when I cut it shorter but I managed to make it stay put by using a glue stick.

Final make up trial. Haven't applied glue yet on the highlight so it's still a little stiff but

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