Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last Photoshoot of the Year: Chiyuki - Death Parade BTS

Before turning over to a new year, I wanted to at least have one final photoshoot when I get back to my hometown and since my friend and photographer is also around the area, I figure why not.

It was a little impromptu. Dan and I originally planned for a Setsuka Heel cosplay reshoot but considering all the things I had to pack for that (I still had to travel three hours by bus from work city to home), I decided to use Chiyuki from Death Parade instead since she doesn't have any decent shots yet.

photo by: Dan
assistant: Fraimu
post-processed by Leddy

It was super unplanned although we already have a few places in mind (and made sure we were allowed to take photos there of course), I was really worried about how to deal with the crowd.

In the end, we decided at this quaint Little Cafe and good thing there isn't much people around yet so the shoot went smoothly.

It was around noontime so we had a quick lunch first while going over the shoot's main theme

The ever-awesome Dan the photographer and assistant Fraimu who arrived a few minutes later because she just woke up. There were actually just the three of us.

(convenient high-chair to hide holiday flabs)

The place is really nice. Beautiful paintings and photo collages of happy customers

Final shoot photos are still in the middle of post-processing and may take a while because holidays are lazy days but it was a nice way to end 2015...cosplay style.

Have some nachos :)

Special thanks to Fraimu for some of the BTS photos and Little Cafe for accommodating us

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