Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cosplay Apps for the Cosplayer You

Boom. Cosplay.
And just like that, it has now become a really big community. Add in social media, internet and technology to the mix and BAM, you can finally get your cosplay senpai to notice you.

On the other hand, there are great people out there who are using these advancement to further connect our growing family and help cosplayers make their journey more fun and less the struggle because nobody should suffer while doing the things they love, right?

I just recently found out about these apps and I'm quite surprised because they're specifically catered to cosplay/ers. I just had to give it a try

 Cosplay Amino 

It's a social media for cosplayers.
Yes, for realz.

Social media has become a great tool for us cosplayers in spreading our love for cosplay. It helps us connect to communities and meet fellow cosplayers who share the same fandoms. However when "other" people tries to get involved (like some all knowing critic pfssssh), it usually ends up being toxic and we already have enough shit of our own to take care of than deal with cancerous trolls who are only hellbent on destroying your happiness. We don't have the time for people like that.

That's where cosplay amino comes in. It's all about cosplay and us cosplayers.
You can post blogs, create tutorials, open discussions and ask questions.

You can also interact with fellow cosplayers (there are chatrooms!), upload WIPs and cosplay photos without fear of cancerous trolls judging you.

Rating: 4/5
(Still getting used to the app. Rating might be subject to change)



Get ready to meet your new cosplay best friend!

Whether you commission a costume or DIY, cosplaying takes a great deal of preparation, budgeting, making checklists and gathering necessary materials for instance. .

The Cosplanner App is great for all cosplay-development task. From initial planning, to budgeting, progress works, reference storage and recording accomplishments, this app is all in one*.

It even records your progress.
It's my favorite part because it motivates me to reach that 100%.

You can also add reminders, Record achievements, upload reference photos, etc. No need to scroll through all those storage folders for reference pictures the next time you go out to buy cosplay materials.

*auto costume-making function not included
rating: 4.5/5
(i had to subtract half a point because it can't upload multiple photos at once.)


How about you guys, what's your take in these?

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