Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cosplayers

They say practical gifts always go a long way so for this upcoming holiday season if you're running out of ideas on what to give your cosplay friends as presents, I've listed some of the things that will probably be found in their wishlist.

  1. Fabric scissors
    Scissor blades tend to dull over time. Be it from misuse or overuse, cosplayers who sew a lot could always use an extra pair.

  2. Fabric chalk/fade-away pens/wash-away markers
    You can never have too much of them. These are the type of materials that are used way too often in costume-making. They also break, run out or get lost easily in cosplay chaos so make sure they always have one within arms reach by giving them a dozen or two.

  3. Hot glue/superglue or any type of adhesives
    They are every cosplayer's lifesaver. From making props to instant seam fix when you don't have the time to sew, it's almost always adhesives to the rescue. They're practically heaven-sent.

  4. Hair spray
    If there's a wig, there's always a hair spray...or styling gel, wax.... we rarely see characters with non-gravity-defying hairstyles and when cosplayers wanted their wigs/hair to look exactly like the character they are cosplaying, then this is a must-have.

  5. Sewing machine
    Never mind if they already has one. It's always a hassle changing threads for every different color of fabric. If you're feeling generous, another set of machine would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Pattern paper
    The basic of every sewing project. Cosplayers use them all the time. An additional five or 50 yards can always go a long way.

  7. Sewing/Crafting Books
    Tutorial books, guide to sewing, pattern-making, how-to's and the likes are also great presents. Sure there are plenty of tutorials online but nothing still beats learning by the books.

  8. Skin care products
    For that friend who rarely gets any sleep trying to finish a costume in time. Lesser sleeping time plus exposure to make-up also causes stress to your skin. Show that you care by reminding them that they shouldn't neglect their body as well.

  9. Organizers
    Every cosplayer's must-have for keeping all those cluttered crafting materials in order. Believe me, they could always use a new one.

  10. Adorable/motivational coffee mugs
      For that cosplay buddy who loves burning the midnight candle.
    But  no matter what the present is, what matters is that it always comes straight from the heart. Merry Christmas!

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