Friday, January 15, 2016

Motivation Post for 2016

Came in very late but figured I wanted to let out some cosplay sentiments before starting out the new year with new cosplays.

It has only been five years since I started cosplaying but it felt like it has already been a big part of my life for a very long time now.

At first, I just enjoyed the idea of dressing up like my favorite characters but as time goes by, I realized that this hobby can be much more than that. I learned a lot of things. I taught myself how to sew, build props and put on makeup and it was then that I discovered my love for crafting and making costumes despite being a complete amateur.

By being in different personas, I've come to terms with my self, understand my own worth and developed my non-existent self esteem. I met great people, made awesome friends and created many beautiful memories.

Cosplay may not be always unicorns and rainbows for everyone. People misunderstood, some, hate and things change but never forget that happy feeling whenever you put on that costume. There are always people that will give you a hard time but you don't cosplay for them. You cosplay for you, you alone and your happiness. No one else.


  1. these cosplayers are so amazing,did they make their costumes all by themselves? i have only bought cosplay costume from online site like, the quality is good but i don't konw if make a costume by myself is much cheaper ?

    1. Thanks!~
      I used to commission a local seamstress to make costumes until 2013 since online shopping isn't really an option to me back then. After that I started to gradually teach myself how to sew and since then I've been making my own costumes(except for the Karasuno jersey, i commissioned that one as well XD) and props :)

      Making costume by your own will definitely be cheaper since you won't be paying an extra service(and/or shipping) fee but if you're just like me who's a complete amateur in the crafting department, it's going to be a hella bumpy make mistakes and sometimes end up paying more than actually buying the costumes. But experience is a great teacher and i can manage to cut off huge chunks of cosplay expenses just by doing most of the stuff on my own.

      It's a different experience for everyone so it's up to you...whatever makes you feel comfortable.