Monday, November 30, 2015

Motivation: How to Get Back on Cosplay Track

Cosplaying isn't just about the magic of transformation. Behind every costume is a cosplayer's blood, sweat and tears. Not everything can be accomplished in just one try and when we cannot get anything right, we get so frustrated to the point of giving up and just not doing anything.

Getting back to the zone is not always easy and forcing yourself to do so does not always end up well. However, sometimes all we need is a little push and the right trigger to get back on track. So before rage quitting, take deep calming breaths and try if the methods I've listed below worked as well as it did for me.

Get back to the source

Rewatch video clips, google images or read wiki articles of the character you're cosplaying. Remind yourself why you love that character so much to the point that you wanted to cosplay them.

Check in with cosplay friends

This works really well especially if you're doing a group cosplay. Every now and then, see how your friends are doing. Even if it's a different cosplay, seeing them making various progress with their costume makes you want to accomplish something too.

In cases where you both feel the same thing, it's best to motivate each other up by doing projects together. Be it physically or virtual(skype, fb, etc...), just by knowing they're there if you need someone to vent/talk to while in the middle of costume-making helps ease out the pressure and frustration.

Make a checklist

Break down your cosplay project into a series of tasks, no matter how small, and convert them into a checklist. Whenever you finish something, check it. It gives you a sense of accomplishment that can sometimes be addicting. You check one and it makes you want to check every single task on that list. Take that anticipation to help you get back on the zone. Making checklists also helps you organize your projects so that you won't be missing anything.

Personally, I use the Cosplanner App to keep track of my cosplay projects. It's a great tool for making checklists, record expenses, store reference photos and basically an all-in-one project tracker. It's more convenient than using pen and paper(which will probably end up lost beneath those stack of fabrics and craft foams anyways).

Always remind yourself

Change your phone's background photo, tape a printed image on your workspace wall or change your desktop wallpaper. If you're just plain lazy or have been too distracted with other stuff to give that unfinished costume any thought, it helps to have a vision of your project. Be it a picture of the character you're going to cosplay or a text in all caps-locked-bolded, it will keep you constantly reminded that you still have work to do.

Look for similar cosplays on the internet

Beware: This can either make or break your motivation. If you're the type of person who easily gets intimidated with amazing cosplays posted online, then I suggest you keep away from the internet until your costume is finished but if you're just like me who draws inspiration from them, then keep going. If they can be amazing, then so can you.

Go with the flow

Take a breather. Go out and step away from cosplay for a while. Maybe you've been so overloaded with crafting lately that your body, heart and mind are telling you to take a break. Do activities that doesn't have anything to do with cosplay. Take a walk in the park, watch a movie, or go on a food trip. After a while, your inner cosplayer will be itching to get you back into costume-making before you know it.

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