Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hello Brrr-months & Life Updates

We're only about four months away to 2018 (let that sink in) and I haven't even gone halfway through my cosplay list. There hasn't been any conventions here lately so my motivation's been down in the dumps. I have a lot of ideas to write for this blog all piled up but my brain seems to be refusing to cooperate..

I'm just drifting along the flow right now but I'm still trying to stay right on track. Even though I've been pretty slow and behind schedule, I make sure I'm still making progress.

Bought some really gorgeous lenses with an equally gorgeous packaging. I've been buying since late 2016 in preparation for early 2017 cons... but apparently none of those happened so I haven't gotten the opportunity to try them out yet (gotta save that one year life span after opening) but I'm thinking of writing a review for all the lenses I've used since I started cosplaying once I manage to organize the necessary data.

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging

I finally finished the last piece of my Devil!Rin Love Live cosplay. This project has been the most complicated and detailed work I've done so far and it took a very long time to finish but the final output was totally worth it.

I'm so excited to finally debut the full costume this September. Complete worklog will also be up on my blog by that month. Keep an eye out for it~ *winks*

You can check out my tutorial for this here

I am also near to finishing my second cosplay for this year which is Emerald from RWBY. She wasn't originally part of my cosplan for this year but when someone asked me if I could fill in her spot for a group shoot, I couldn't let it pass by. It's a good out-of-comfort-zone challenge.

I'm also going be Yang on another part of that shoot lol.

patterns, patterns, patterns

As of this moment the only stuff left are some last minute details and styling the wig which I've been really anxious to start because I can't really afford to make any mistakes.

this was hell to make tbh

I still have no exact date on when I'm going to wear this since it's for a group shoot but hopefully it's going to be within this year.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since I've been way behind schedule, I only have enough room for one more big cosplay this year so I'm moving Bishamon again to 2018. As for genderbent Tsukishima Kei, it will only be a go once I manage to secure a schedule for my annual out-of-town con trip where I'll be cosplaying it with a friend.

Everything has been a drag lately but I'm probably going to be extra busy from here on out with upcoming con preparations and more future projects. I'm excited :D

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