Thursday, May 12, 2016

My worst con-crunch experience ever

We've all been there.
Times where we've pushed ourselves to extreme limits just to finish our costumes on time but is it really worth to jeopardize our health over a hobby?

I've been swamped with my current cosplay project when this memory suddenly popped into my mind. It's been about two years and thankfully I've avoided experiencing the same thing since.

It all started with an episode in Haikyuu. It wasn't really in my plan to cosplay anyone in Haikyuu anytime soon but it just so happened that there was an upcoming cosplay event in the area and I've fallen in love with Tsukki so hello Haikyuu hell.

The event is only three weeks away but the feels was so strong that I decided to push the plans in. Besides, we won't be doing the costumes ourselves so I figured it won't really take much time (I hand-sew back then).

Oh how naive I was.

At first it was smooth sailing. The entire costume wasn't hard and does not need any complicated sewing and putting together. I ordered my wig, contacts are on hand and my pair of running shoes will work.

We wasted an entire week just being excited while planning the entire thing-- big mistake. The next week was spent looking for a sports tailor to sew the jerseys. It wasn't easy. There were a lot of options but most of them sew by batches and doesn't accept just one or two sets. We only had a week left when we found one that was willing to make a set just for me and my friend but we had to pay double the price since it wasn't bulk order and we wanted it rushed. The tailor also gave his word that it'll be all done within the week so we went for it. However, the collar details and the white lines on the upper chest and back will be excluded. No problem, we'll just sew them in ourselves. Plus, that lessened expenses to about 10-15%.

The day before the event, I had to travel to my friend's apartment which is a two-hr travel right after work to help her with sewing the details since we had to do it by hand.

It was already 8PM when I arrived(my work ends at six) and the first thing that welcomed me was bad news. My friend told me that our costumes was being held back at the printer and no way we can get it back yet but promised they'll have it as early as dawn.

We ate our frustrations away and then started making the strips for the jersey. I also have yet to style my wig since I have zero wig styling experience and needed my friend's help badly. The entire thing took all night and my friend gave up at 2AM while I continued the rest before falling dead an hour later.

We didn't get to sleep long as we had to get up by five and walk all the way to the printers to finally get the jerseys. It was so cold, we were so tired and sleepy and we still have to sew the strips on once we get back to my friend's apartment.

I didn't get to finish the entire thing since I still have to go back to the city to clean and prep myself up and be at the event by lunchtime.

It was another 2-hr travel this time under a sweltering summer heat. The passenger vehicle that I'm riding broke down in the middle of the road and we had to transfer to a new one. Thinking back, I couldn't imagine the stress level I had then. I couldn't even steal a power nap on the 2-hr drive because of the heat.

It was already 11AM when I arrived back to my place and I still had to get ready. Thank the heavens for my roommate...she agreed to sew the rest of the details while I take a bath and put on my make up.

My friend and I made it successfully to the event albeit a little soupy. We had fun, Haikyuu feels all around and met awesome people.

However, I promised myself that that will be the last of it...gong out of my way just to finish a cosplay on time. Despite all the excitement, the entire day I was feeling like I'm in a ship sailing a stormy sea. I haven't eaten properly and I'm basically just running on energy drinks and couldn't feel my entire body. Plus, I look even shittier in photos. I'm not proud *nervous laughter*

The day went awesome but it could've been a blast if I had proper rest. I still burn midnight candles occasionally but it's pretty mellow now.

And when I say worst con-crunch ever, i mean it... never again. If I couldn't make it then I will never make it. Easier said than done that is way I'm trying to be a little strict with my schedule now. No more last-minute spontaneous cosplay decisions. It can wait. Trust me, cosplaying is better when you're alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic.

I know this is nothing compared to what other cosplayers go through and I salute them for their ability to swim through all the stress but don't forget to take good care of yourself every once in a while.

What's your worst con-crunch experience?

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