Sunday, April 24, 2016

Leaving Mundania... take me back cosplay yesteryears

"As much as I bitch and stitch, I'm still enjoying all of it... the whole process. And it's gratifying to be able to present to people a piece of art to a community of people who can appreciate it for its artistic value... who understand and still have fun... and love it because it's kitschy... and ginchy and it's made from liquid metal gold sequinned fabric that nobody except figure skaters wear."

Cosplay is constantly increasing in popularity earning itself a spot in the mainstream culture. However, we've all been so occupied with all of its glitz and glamour that we sometimes forget the heart of this hobby. I am not saying that going the extra mile is a bad thing. I'm happy that cosplay has gotten us so far now and opened up endless possibilities but sometimes we're too busy obsessing for perfection that we loose track of ourselves.

I first stumbled upon this video two years ago and recently it popped up again on my youtube and I got the urge to watch the entire thing again. Unlike your typical cosplay videos, Leaving Mundania is a simple documentary that gives us a glimpse of a cosplayer's day-to-day life. It may not be fancy or exciting as you would expect but cosplay has changed so much since then that it really takes you back.

Before all the stress, the tears, the showbiz and the haters, this is how we used to be...just a couple of nerds being silly in costumes. By the end of the day, when we take off that wig, lenses and layers of fabric, we're still just like all of you.

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