Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Hero 6 BTS Photoshoot

I've been meaning to post this on my old journal for a long time but things have been happening and now that I've officially moved my blog, I figure it's about time I post some of my personal cosplays.

I'll do a separate post for all the final processed photos once the photog is done post processing all of them but for now here are some of it:

Aunt Cass: Bot-fighting again?!

The hair was supposed to be a darker shade of brown but when I bought the wig it turned out really light I was so disappointed. I wanted to exchange but there isn't anymore time.
I did attempt to dye it tho but as you can see it failed...but it doesn't matter, it was still a hella fun day.

Honey Lemon: Look Hiro, everything the light touches is our kingdom
Hiro: But what about the dark side?
Honey Lemon: Those are the TadaxHiro shippers. You must never go there Hiro.

The setting sun gives off a great lighting


Since an old friend(who's living in a city far from mine) is coming back anyway to get her diploma, we decided it's also good opportunity to reunite with university friends and do some cosplay photoshoot together. It also feels good visiting my college alma mater again after about a year.

It was initially just Honey Lemon and Gogo but we figured it would be sad with just the two of us so we asked around people we know who are willing to be part of our shoot and thus we found Hiro, Tadashi and Aunt Cass. We were already good friends in the first place so everything went by smoothly

Behind the Scenes:

(Pardon the blurry and LQ shots. Most of them were taken using my phone. Click the photos for bigger viewing)
The first part of the shoot was held at a new cafe 20/30-min walk away from the university.

We actually ate first before doing the shoot because priorities XD

It was serene and cozy albeit small. We had a hard time moving around without bothering the customers...good thing it wasn't crowded when we started.
(fyi: of course permissions were asked first)

Nice eh?
Most students hang here to study or relax

It was Hiro and Tadashi's turn so killing time with tons of selfies

This post is not brought to you by Choco Mucho and Maxx Honey Lemon
(I wish it were)

Aw yis~ let's take a bazillion selfies because I'm being in character demmit
but then trolls happened |||oTL

Aunt Cass w At

After about an hour of frolicking around, it was gradually starting to get crowded so we moved outside.

After posing in every nook and crany of the cafe, we decided to continue the shoot at my beloved alma mater. Hrnnnng... so nice to be back~

Actual nerd schooooooool

It was still class hours so the grounds were (almost)clear of students

Time for some Honey Lemon selfies! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Suddenly the 5:30pm bell rings and students flooded the school ground.

No biggie tho...students were too busy being lesson-lagged to give us any mind but i still can't help being conscious because while the BH6 gang may be wearing normal casuals, I still stood out like a friggin banana ヾ(๑’౪`๑)ノ゙

Also met up with old classmates/batchmates who are now instructors/professors at the said university. 
Yeh we so oold

Aaaaand that's a wrap!

...that is until we found out that the motorcycle we spotted in the area belongs to a friend.

Time for some motorcycle fun! ◦°˚\(´°౪°`)/˚°◦

As if Gogo isn't badass enough

Tadashi: Don't worry baby bro i got cha~
Hiro: No. The guy holding this motorcycle up does

Aunt Cass w At part2
caught on cam!

Post-shoot clean-up
Furrealz now: 
It's a wrap!

And some post cosplay shot

  • Hiro Hamada: Cris
  • Tadashi Hamada: Fraime-uuu
  • Gogo Tomago: Leddie
  • Honey Lemon: Bunny Iinchou
  • Aunt Cass: Precious
Cafe Diem & University of the Philippines Visayas: CAS grounds; Miagao, Iloilo

Photo by: Dan @danrebuelta|IG

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