Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Late Bandwagon Hopping; Afterthoughts

Bandwagon's long gone away but I just want to leave a few words of my own.

Same cosplay, three years apart. If there's one thing I finally managed to gather from those year difference is that don't sell yourself short just for the sake of what people will think. By the end of the day, none of it will matter if you had fun.

Setsuka Heel is portrayed as someone who is mysterious but also a strong, sexy and confident woman and a failed to let those characteristics show through in the first photo because I've been so busy being conscious of what other people might think:
"Am I being to sexy?"
"Please don't let this photo look to sensuous or people might get the wrong idea."
"What if they thought I'm doing this for attention?"

It's stressful and prevents you from having fun.

Try not to think too much about it. I learned to channel all my insecurities into going all out in my cosplays and keeping myself better. Focus on the positive and whatever keeps you happy and all those negativities will gradually fade. It will not be easy and it will certainly take time...heck, it took me a long while! But as long as you had the will to take that first step, then you're already getting there.

Happy cosplay! :)

Mogami Kyoko as Setsuke Heel | Skip Beat(manga)
Photo by: Dan Rebuelta

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