Sunday, August 16, 2015

7 Factors to Help You Decide What to Cosplay Next

So many characters so little con-time. With that extensive cosplan list, you'd probably have enough character options to fill an entire year.

Although however long that list is, in deciding which characters to cosplay, you'd usually go with your gut feeling. There are always that one or two characters from that long list that stands out the most. But in cases where it's not just one or two....or three, I listed seven factors that usually help with my process of elimination.

1. Season/Weather/Location

Unless your passion drives your endurance level, we can't have you fainting from that stuffy armor or getting frostbites because you decided to be Yoko(Gurren Lagann) in the middle of winter. It's a big con experience spoiler. Always take note of the event location and choose a costume that can last you for as long as the event is going.

2. Resources

  • Study your potential characters. 
  • List down the basic parts needed and check for its availability.

It always pays to be early. Don't wait for the last minute especially if you're buying online. There are cases where shops would ran out of stocks and you can't find similar products anywhere or restocks would take too long. Worse if they gave a wrong product and you don't even have the time to return and exchange because the con/shoot/event is just a day away (learned it the hard way). If you check in advance and these things happen, at least you'd still have plenty of time to choose another option from your list.

3. Skills

Unless you're commissioning then feel free to ignore this factor.

Okay, so you've decided to make that Iron Man suit or sew that Cinderella ball gown BUT let's all calm down for a moment and honestly evaluate ourselves. Sure there's always a first time for everything but if you're a tad bit inexperienced in prop-making/sewing, set aside those heavy projects for the meantime. Choose something simple first then gradually grow from there.

4. Budget

How much are you willing to spend on that cosplay?

It always helps to research cosplay costs first and setting budget limit to avoid spending unnecessarily. If it's beyond your budget capabilities or if your head's always filled with the phrase "too expensive" or "cheaper ples" while crying in the corner with your thinning wallet, then set aside those elaborate characters first until you can afford it. Choose something from your list that is within your budget range. Trust me, you will not fully enjoy cosplaying in a budget-crammed costume (not to be mistaken with budget cosplaying).

5.  Time

Never ever ever ever EVER cram a cosplay with only days away from an event. It will not be a pleasant experience. Unless you're a masochist then it always pays to be aware of the time it takes for you to have the entire costume in your hands. The more detailed a costume is, the longer it takes to make and the more rushed it is, the more expensive it gets.

6. Friends

So none of the above factors helped because you have time, money, resources and skills at your disposal (demmit good for you *crey*). But what are you doing keeping it all on your own???

It's always more fun to group cosplay with friends!

シュガーソングとビターステップ by Kagari

Talk to them about their future cosplans. Who knows, it might be something that has been long on your list. Plus, talking about cosplay with friends always bring more excitement and motivation.

7. Fandom/Popularity

Ok so you don't have any friends (or too shy to approach cosplay people you know but not close to) because you're an awkward penguin just like me.

Then your fandom is your best friend. If you're in a fandom, chances are there's probably a character you wanted to cosplay from it. Too many fandoms? decide by popularity— or by feels...feels will help you embrace your character more.

It's also a sure way of building armie— err...friendSHIPS do you usually decide?

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